so that we may see, and believe You

The video below is a rather long one, but it's worth listening to in its entirety to hear Anne Rice's amazing testimony of how she left the faith, but was "Christ haunted" and how the Lord dragged her back to Him out of His great love. And if you don't want to listen to the full video, listen to the last two minutes. If you told me a decade ago that Anne Rice would one day preach the Gospel message, I wouldn't have believed you. But the Lord can save anyone. Anne and I are living proof.


if you have tasted the kindness of the Lord

"Under the Wings of God" {Ruth2:12}
* Review Ruth1
- Time of judges; no kings; spiritual dark ages {Ruth1:1}
- Elimelech & Naomi didn't wait upon Lord and moved to foreign country (end result three deaths)
- Naomi now Mara or "bitter" (v19)
* Scene 1: A "chance" encounter (v1-3)
- Boaz = "in whom strength"
- Gleaning laws show God's heart for those in need {Deut24:19-22}
- v3 "happened to happen"
* Scene 2: Ruth meets Boaz (v4-7)
- Boaz clung to Lord during dark days (v4-5)
* Scene 3: Boaz cares for Ruth (v8-17)
- Protects her from physical/verbal abuse
- Allowed her to drink from servants' H2O
- Invited her to lunch
- Granted her acceptance/legitimacy
- Ps57:1 -- God takes care of those who take refuge in Him
- Rom8:28 -- "no accident can happen to a child of God"
* Scene 4: Ruth brings home a good report
- v20b: closer relatives = "kinsmen redeemers"
- Naomi recognizes God's hand in their situation
- Story of Ruth is picture of Gospel message -- stranger/foreigner shown abundant kindness
- Spurgeon: "our glorious Boaz" in reference to Christ