a cloud formed and began to overshadow

had another posting ready but sudden like a heart spasm all like fog like shadows feeling like on the edge sinking conscious of it but helpless sorry Posted by Hello


changers seated

Sub today, but considering the roots, more a memory than a replacement. In any case:

"Finding Focus -- Staying Fresh"
* Find focus through completeness in Christ; find focus through relationship {Col1:18}
- Change not the issue; transition is
* Living in Him we'll
- Bear fruit
- Grow in knowledge
- Be strengthened
- Give thanks
* Changes become pathways to transformation
* Person/Deity: exact likeness, representation, manifestation {Col1:15-17}
* Presence/Fullness: source of eternal, holy life {Col1:18-23}
* Experience/Expression of Paul
* Change becomes gateway of ministry in His purpose

back as a type

Forgot one point from yesterday's preparations:
6) Personality

6) Heavenly persona

Heard about the CS Lewis phenomena of the weight of glory. Similarly, when near, there is no choice in the matter. It will be spontaneous and willful.

It will be automatic. Better now than letter, trust me.


like this, all men will

Just to prepare since it's been both calmer and distractor. Whenever it comes, it comes. But the points:

Why Not?
1) Devil
2) Tradition (wrong)
3) Ignorance
4) Fear of sodomy
5) Society

1) God
2) History (true)
3) Breakfast with the Savior
4) David & Jonathan
5) Spiritual leadership

1) Ask
2) Carve out time
3) Treat as beloved

Ready or not, here I come.


being transformed into the same

I think I forget that every instance is a miracle, that the saving no matter the circumstance is something otherworldly. Tonight, headed to share an instance, a saving, my own; feeling uncomfortable, as if in the midst of people with own stories much longer and accomplished than the length of my entirety much less since the instant, since the saving, mine is somehow not miraculous. But that's the thing to remember: the big picture miracle is that the instances, the savings all unique, all miraculous, all individualized. The sharing of each of these paints the giant canvas that is the saving grace of God.


men will arise, speaking

Never forgot this to be the whole theme. Last few readings in Gen have contained the command to arise. Little sweetie also burst out in spontaneity last week with it. A quick concord later and I come up with 134. Only 11 from the NT.

That's only the half of it, the literals; still also the symbolic. And in Gen44 we get the arisen form of Judah. The one who schemed the whole brotherselling in the first, here we get the redemptional self4other trade. It's no coincidence His name is Lion of the Tribe of Judah, redemption being all central. And this arising of a guilty heart is a key.

imperishable, and we will be changed

I have to make mention of this if only because I made mention of Lewis a while back. On the one hand, this is the same man who thinks of his stats first, who thinks of drawing attention to himself first, who believes no one is better than himself first.

On the other hand, Lewis did say he prayed for Owens every day. Owens makes mention of the spiritual healing he has been undergoing. And I am certainly proof that anybody but anybody can be one of the changed. Let's hope this is something more than good PR.


courage; I have overcome

Maybe the way to beat it is to simply go ahead and cross the line. Maybe the drawing back is always worst right before the crossing. Isn't that always the case?

Before the step-taking, before the submersion, before the call-answering, before the drawing nearer.

Then go ahead and cross, and hopefully they recede. If not, keep crossing.


were searching for

yesterday due to 3hr changes and packed minutes today (almost) due to internal changes and packed minds run down right now for no reason except the nearing I guess wanting to do more with the heading towards the light causing the opposite drawing towards the shadows wondering if the running down due to the shadows or the shadows due to the running down either way this seems more than a passing let's hope not


up and lift up

Great one today. Few that you can and need to keep in the forefront of your thoughts. If you're walking anyway, take an extra step.

"How to Pray for Your Pastor"
* Protection from shadows {IChron21:1} -- explains Catholic Church prominence in media, actually
* People (family) {ITim3:4-5} -- why pastors' wives have depression epidemic (same w/ elders/missionaries/etc.)
* Preaching {Mark1:38, Eph6:19}
* Perception {Col1:9}
* Passion {2Cor11:28} -- #1 reason for retiring: emotional exhaustion
* Perseverance {Rom15:30}
* Priorities {Acts6:2-4}


ask with wrong motives so that

More proof of the evil of the Fourth Estate: There's a reason this doesn't make the front page of CNN for a whole month without end like the Catholic Church abuse scandal did. There would be similar figures if one examined public education, I'm sure. The grand reason is clear: safety is and never will be the primary issue; taking down the bride of Christ -- now that's a target worth shooting for.

Bring your press pass to the Lake of Fire. It'll be an easy ID, just like the rest of them.

at that time the feast of the

Reminder that even the great heroes of the OT were not perfect men, not one. Jacob who wrestled with an angel (Jesus?) commits the sin of adultery multiple times in Gen30-31. That's not even mentioning the polygamy. Heard preached once that yes, everyone even the great heroes sinned, but that God never once rewards the hero for the sin -- always for the faith -- and that plenty of them suffered consequences for their sins even if it was one in the midst of a life of righteousness (Moses and the rock and the no promised land, for ex).

Not sure I completely buy that. But do know that this is an issue that makes the faith so attractive and repellant. Let's address the repellant first. Unbelievers hold fast to their antifaith with the zeal of a zealot based on the idea of the sinful hero -- Crusades and other extremes driving them away.

On the other hand, for me, this is the strength of it all. I know what I'm capable of, and if I even I can be invited, let me come to that dinner party. Because apparently the forgiveness runs a mile deep.


they deceive the hearts of

Seriously. At some point you'll admit you have no clue, right? No? Oh, that's right. You have to justify your jobs. And justify the future existence of your departments at major colleges. And justify the spending of hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars for worthless experiments that contradict each other and only cause more confusion so you can express whatever harebrained ideas pop up in your swollen heads in the hopes that nobody sees through your facade and understands that you really in the end know jack about anything.

By all means then. Go ahead and keep lying.


have spoken wrongly, testify

Maybe I'll become the official monitor for all things stupid in science, the false religion. What, you found even more proof that your theories don't hold up? That your speculation is mostly guesswork? That you really don't know what went on? That you could possibly be wrong about everything?

Imagine that.


he would break his bonds

No matter how many times I read the story of Abraham and Isaac, I can't believe it. I simply can't believe it. Not that it didn't happen -- that anyone could have that much faith. And with my own son, thinking about my own son . . . I'm sorry, I can'tPosted by Hello


who are you knowing that

On the plane this morning, something random popped into my head, a followup to ideas covered before. But on the whole issue of identity and name, another example of its importance. It's included in Commandment 3.

That's all.

mercy on me

There's a sadness in the story of Hagar and her son by Abraham. On one hand, she's a mistress and guilty of the sin of adultery (a sin whose vileness is trumped by few other sins in my mind). The fate of both her and her son, however unfortunate, can be seen in the light of sin-consequence-just reward.

On the other hand, she's a faithful servant to Sarah and only following her master's order when she becomes impregnated (it wasn't like Abraham was some great catch at the age of 75). She is a loving mother, turned out, who can't bear to watch the fate of her son, not remotely thinking about her own similar end. Their fates can be seen in the light of sin-forgiveness-mercy.

Hagar cries out to God. Which hand does God choose? Mercy, of course. There's a lesson in this story of an archer and his mom that doesn't get heard enough.


to be innocent in this matter

As a supporter of the death penalty, Gen18 makes me do a doubletake. All along, the grand issue of justice has moved my thinking toward capital punishment in the vein that once a wrong has been committed of any serious nature, there is no reparation possible. Nothing monetary, nothing. Only like can repay like in the OT eye4eye sense.

Arguments against it always ranged from mercy to cruel/unusual. But there's also the line of thought about protecting an innocent in an imperfect system. Abraham debates with God the merits of destroying S&G for the sake of the innocents, whittling down the number from 50 to 10 before God stops the debate.

So what of this line then? Stop the system for the sake of the ten? I don't know.

his gospel in spite

The only reason this story is on all the wires is because of the media bias against Christianity. The underlying message is that Gibson, an open Christian, is a hypocrite, and is greedy, and is deceitful, and since he's so sinful, his religious beliefs are also wrong.

Three avenues to consider:
* Gibson has a non-sinful reason for wanting to qualify for farm status. There must be non-taxbreak perks here. I mean, what's $10,000 to someone who has millions?
* Gibson's money people handled the issue and Gibson doesn't pay attention to little details like this one. He must have lots of folks who care for his finances; it's not like he prepares his own taxes and is looking for a break.
* Gibson is sinful. Guess what? We've known that prior and during and after the release of the Passion. That neither takes away from or changes the Message.

A note for the media: no press release or scoop or press award saves you from your sarcasm and spite and hatred before the throne of God.


the water which had become

Forgive the title -- it's not mine. Perhaps the most level-headed description of baptism EVER in any Prot church. Still some craziness in there that need to be checked out, but on balance, I'll take the acceptance.

"What's Up with Baptism?"
* Comes from baptizo and bapto. 6 refs in OT but 82 refs in NT (clear that it takes an important place in the NT and the new covenant)
* True baptism is a baptism of repentance, a change of the heart. Thus, type of ritual used not as important. Analogy of wine v grape juice in communion -- not the "level of fermentation" that is important in the ceremony, but the heart.
* Acts2:36-38, 8:12, 8:34-38 make it clear that it is for all believers.
* Infant dunking: sequence important (1. Repent 2. Baptism). We'll see.
* Doesn't have anything to do with salvation. But commanded nonetheless.
* Matt10:32-33/Gal2:20 -- public profession

and blind men

See you on Judgment Day, fools. I'll be one of the ones on the correct side of the throne of God. You'll be one of the ones getting a sticker placed on your foreheads that will say "This way to the lake of fire."

But maybe you'll get lucky and evolve a resistance to eternal suffering and torture.


seen in a vision a man

Randomness: Ran into an old classmate I hadn't seen in almost 13 years. Brief chat -- what to say, really? The thought occurred to me later that he might have been the first person I've encountered that knew me before the save. Weird feeling about someone who has seen you before a mighty change. About someone seeing you at your eternal worst who might think he's seen you at your mortal best.

Blindness is so incomprehensible sometimes.


much fruit, and so prove to be

Job 38-39: what can I say? There is a parallel here; much like Job has no response, so not I when reading it. He speaks out of a whirlwind, for crying out loud, cool beyond belief.

There are different ways to take God's speech. Imperious: throwing around His superiority over Job and daring him to answer. Angry: flashing His eyes over Job and daring him to answer. Incredulous: wondering in indignance at Job and daring him to answer. I think how you view God shapes how you perceive His tone in these chapters.

So what does it say about me that I view this as much more friendly and instructional? Imagine God trying to save Job from the ridiculous aspersions of his "friends". Imagine Him looking at the surroundings and pointing out the various aspects of the world around him that he can't possibly understand. Imagine Him pointing out all of the things in Creation that define the characteristics of God. Imagine Him pointing out to Job and using language that indicates how He views the world (much more in this point that I need to revisit at a later date) and letting Job in on how it was all made. Imagine Him indicating to Job in the manner of a John Edwards southern trial attorney and proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that man knows nothing.

And then daring him to answer.


also come with you

I can't tell if this state is as red as it really leaned, or if it's a sign of the answer, and the drawing closer. But scanning allowed me to keep alert and feel the hedge. But by my count it was one with the real hymns, one with the speaking, at least two (maybe three) with the good stuff, and even one C-W, if you can believe it. Compare this to just one salsa, one loud & foul, and one Billboard.

As He's shown before, omnipresent means even crosscoastal.


it began to dawn toward

More on Job33. v15-16 caught my eye, too. The idea of the light whispering while one is at rest. As someone who finds the darkness simply terrifying what with the visions, and the shadows, and the screamings, and the shadows -- and if not them then nothing -- this is not something I can comprehend. Something light breaking the blackness.

Asking for it. Please.

it up in three

Job33 -- pretty cool. One verse stood out that made me want to comment: v4. Learned just the other day about the whole echad thing. This kind of information needs to be taught in school, people. In any case, v4 harkens to this thing. You got One making, and One breathing.

And of course, you always still have the One saving.


take special note of

Yesterday: on the road, faulty hotel line, late night, yadda yadda yadda, no post.

Thought about jumping out of bed at 2:00 am to discuss this whole Breakfast with the Savior thing. A few of the chapter headings I need to flesh out:
* Gender problem (men and intimacy)
* Applications (celebratory date, dinner alone, quiet walk, night on the phone, three others?). Probably separate chapters.
* OT not different than NT (Moses and hand on rock, Moses and holy of holies, Enoch in the garden, etc.)

All this out in the ether. Gotta beat 'em to the punch.

This year.


the truth, it is to your advantage

This one I know the whyfore -- extremely useful simply for clarification purposes. From this guy.

"Eight Fundamental Truths"
* Bible only authority for faith {Gal1:6-9}
* Deity of Christ (& virgin birth) {Acts 4:12}
* Triunity of God {Deut6:4, Isa55:8-9}
- Two Hebrew words for "one": echad (used multiple times in reference to God throughout OT) and yachid (used sparingly throughout OT and never alluding to Him)
- Echad is multiple one
* Bodily Resurrection of Christ {Luke24:37-39}
* Universality of sin {Rom3:10-13,23}
* Salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone {Eph2:8-9}
* Bodily return of Christ {Acts1:11}
* Eternal punishment for the unredeemed {Matt25:41}

Yeah. What he said.


come closer to

The start of another year.


You figure it out. Posted by Hello

with all the strength

The only reason to have this make the front page is to belittle Americans, and to take a not-so-subtle stab at religion. The underlying message is that (1) Americans want to provide aid in word only, and not in deed; and (2) religious people cheaply offer up prayer but don't open up their wallets.

There are three fundamental problems with this line of thought:
(1) Considering how many Americans are in mountains of debt and overspend on useless luxuries, many Americans can't afford to do anything but pray.
(2) Considering all of the domestic charities that Americans already donate billions to, donating to a random tragedy halfway across the globe makes less sense from a strictly selfish strategic perspective (How many countries in Western Europe would have similar or worse percentages? How many countries in South America and Africa are outdonating Americans?).
(3) Most egregiously, the article takes the stance that prayer is not the better donation than money, and trust me, prayer is the most powerful option people have.


in this manner you must help

short but pointed closer to the light stronger pulled by shadows


silence the ignorance of foolish

Continuing with our thought from yesterday that scientists are every bit the blind faith followers they claim religious folk are. The largest contributor to scientists' ego and lack of faith might very well be the media. The media for all their claims to objectivity are from the devil, be clear about that. Their leanings go against the church, and to make any claims otherwise is outright lying.

Case(s) in point is its treatment of science news v religious commentaries. Here's a story that didn't get picked up. World-famous hawker Hawking admits a gross error. He changes his mind for no reason, he makes up forces that didn't exist to suit his equations, and he speaks as if his theories could be grounded in something other than blind speculation. Not front page news.

This particular article goes on with speculation as to how planets form. Science continually modifies, rebuts, and reforms its facts. How can facts continue to be changed unless they were never really facts to begin with? Creating computer simulations is as realistic as creating a simulation of a giant chicken crushing Los Angeles. Doesn't make it real.

And what about this. Data and findings continually contradict previous data and findings. Scientists pick on what they call "irregularities" in Gospel descriptions of Jesus' geneaology or resurrection morning as proof of the fallibility of Scripture -- yet point out the disparities by every study they do and it's because you're stupid and blind. Right.

There were several other examples, but merely collecting the speculations and lies is making me sad that society can be this fooled.


foolish ones did not He who made

More on science's inability to explain anything about anything. It's ludicrous how closely science holds its own theories tightly to its soul. There's blind faith in the unprovable going on here, and it's not in the Creationist camp.


also came among them to present himself

Job gets more fascinating the more I read it, and has quickly become one of my favorite three books of the Bible (Ephesians and John being two and one, respectively). The language reads like the best of Shakespeare in meter and word choice. At the same time, it dispenses the most mystical of the workings of Heaven with its description of temptation and trial and the gatherings of beings the likes of which we cannot imagine.

I'll mention one scene in detail that came before my eyes, and that is the shadowed whisperings that come to Eliphaz in 4. You can imagine in v12 and beyond the sleeper and the dark wisps about his ears; the leathery whisperings; the venom dripping from v17 and beyond, culminating in the declaration in 5 (v4) neither is there a Deliverer.

Chills, I tell you. Chills.


foolish men and slow

Seriously, nice job, guys. Way to bring some attention to the church. What on earth were you thinking?

* Hey, that no sledding sign there is only meant for non-Christians.
* Be in this world, but not of it -- that means we can be in the hill, but not of it.
* 4 am is the perfect time to watch the sunrise/Son rise.
* Get thee behind me, rocks/lightpole/other sled.
* These prison bars can't hold the power of the Holy Spirit.

Good going, guys.


and the song of the Lamb

I can feel this God-song rising up in me

Looking (still) for the link twixt willing self to the presence and being drawn to the presence. Make no mistake, the former is also under the Spirit. But the distinction exists.

Some connection here -- back to HERE -- with songs, still believe that. The last thing He did with His whole team before the end? Not the Supper, no. Singing. More to ponder.

I can feel this God-song rising up in me

disciples remembered that it was

Trying something new; not sure why. Keeping tabs maybe. Keeping alert maybe. Just keeping maybe. Updike's A Month of Sundays got nothing on me.

"How to Have a Successful New Year" {Phil 3:12}
* Our flesh is a big problem
* We need to discipline and conquer our flesh
* Writing goals is a great way to conquer
* Review & Accountability is the key to success
* Action: Write out goals (Word, prayer, fellowship, service, wisdom-seeking, giving, confession, presence-drawing); ask a friend for accountability.

Again, no idea whyfore.


as not without aim

Might as well get it over with -- the whole fresh start goal-setting everyone's mentioning. Least of all it will get something down. Hard to focus these days on the posting regularity. Feeling somewhat distant between Sundays. Not a good way to start the freshness, I suppose.

In any case:
* Keep up the bread-devouring, maybe even slow things down a bit for digestion purposes
* Keep up the thought-posting, thirteen the magic number of misses
* Keep up with the moving presence; though foundationally consistent, walks down the path, so don't let the hem get too far ahead