transformed the beauty of His

I can't remember if I wrote about this movement or not, but if I did, they deserve to be written about again. Everyone needs to visit I am Second and watch all of the video clips. The wondrous one got me the book for Valentine's Day, and I can't wait to read through testimonies though I've already seen them in the video clips. These are people publicly declaring their secondness to the One.

There is no more beautiful thing in all the world than the testimony of a believer describing how he/she came to Christ. Absolutely nothing more beautiful. The greatest miracle is not some surprising healing; it is not the parting of a sea; it is not the exorcising of demons. No, the greatest miracle is a depraved soul becoming redeemed. And no matter the path taken to that redemption  -- whether it's a sudden heartchange after a lifetime of evil, or whether it's the lifelong following in a household of faith -- every path requires God to turn blindness into sight, death into life, lost into found.

No, there isn't anything more beautiful than that.

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