on bread alone, but on every word

Heard an incredible story yesterday evening when gathered with the brethren. A missionary to Africa told a story that began in 1974. A famine hit an African nation, causing a particular nomadic Muslim to head from the desert where he lived towards the cities to find grain. While in the city, he heard the Gospel message, believed it, but having no other Christians in his area, was forced to keep that faith to himself.

A decade later in 1984, another famine hit and two other nomads were driven to the cities in search of grain. These two men heard the gospel message and immediately accepted the Savior. Meanwhile, the man who heard the message in 1974 was sitting under a tree when he looked up and saw two birds in the branches. He immediately received a message from the Lord that two men would be bringing him truth. Along comes the two men who had just been saved, and when they come to the first man, they stop to chat, and the Lord's plan unfolds. The first man finds out that these two brothers had decided to follow Christ, and without hesitation, realizing he had fellow followers now, was finally able to proceed with his heart's desire. Nearly three decades later, those 3 faithful have grown to 1000 faithful.

The best part of the story was the first man's description of what occurred. As he explains it, "God loved me so much He sent me two famines." Did you catch what a remarkable statement that is? African famines literally take away everything a nomad has: his crops, his livelihood, his livestock. And yet two of these extreme events were proof of God's love. It is similar to Paul's declaration in Phil3:8 "I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord".

More and more I encounter testimonies of remarkable faith and am reminded of my great lack of it. I am learning that God is sending me these encounters not as means of discouraging me, but rather as reminders that I am not alone.  Even without these examples, was I ever?

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Tim said...

God loved ME so much, he sent me YOU. That beats two famines, any day. :)