to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk

The trailer above is for a song released this week by Matt Redman whose purpose is to raise money and awareness about slavery still going on in the world. The song premiered at Passion 2012 a few weeks ago, and what I like about the song and its debut at Passion 2012 was the intent of Redman and Tomlin and others to inspire this generation of young believers into action.

This past week, was learning about human ecology and the role man plays as God's steward to creation. Gen9:9-10 are verses post-Flood where God renews His covenant to Noah, and what the verses let us in on is that God's covenant was not just with man but with all living creatures on earth. The word "dominion" or "rule" from Genesis 1 is improperly taken to mean brute power over nature. Rather, the word implies representation, as in man is representing God's control over Creation. If Gen9 is true, and the interpretation of "dominion" is also true, how does that impact our relationship with nature? Some people think it means a greater role in caring for the environment.

Whether the issue is slavery or the environment or the equality of women or ending poverty, Christians need to have a greater voice in matters of social justice. Not because it's the cool thing to do in emergent churches. Not because culture is important. Not to attract unbelievers. No, we are to act on these issues because Christians need to value what God values. Our hearts need to break for the things that break the heart of God. God's people should not be letting secular organizations take the lead in social justice.

Two hundred years ago, John Newton and William Wilberforce -- Christians first, social justice advocates second -- led the anti-slavery movement in Britain. They didn't do that out of political motive, but out of Christian reaction to God's calling them to be His hands and feet. Why can the bride of Christ not do such a thing today?

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